Oct. 14, 2021

5 Things Dave Chappelle Special Taught Me About Podcasting

5 Things Dave Chappelle Special Taught Me About Podcasting

Dave Chappelle's new special on Netflix has caused a lot of controversy and feathers being ruffled across the globe. So we wanted to take a moment to unpack some lessons that we've been able to extract from Dave over the years.

Show Notes

0:00 - Snippet

0:33 - Intro

3:30 - Chappelle In The News

4:50 - How To Be Unapologetically

6:27 - History Lesson Of Comedy

7:34 - Always Bringing Everything Full Circle

9:28 - Get Your FREE Podcast Launch Checklist

10:24 - The Art of Creating Scarcity

16:00 - The 80/20 Rule

18:47 - The Truth About Comedians

19:23 - Subscribe to the Channel

20:16 - What To Do When Everybody Doesn't Agree with You

23:17 - I Want To Hear From You

24:20 - [RECAP] Cliff Notes of the Show

27:04 - Good Pods

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