Feb. 17, 2022

How To Make a Podcast First Impression with Aniyha Jones

In this episode Aniyha, currently a college student at the University of Illinois really brought the thunder. Don't let her age fool you, she had a wealth of experience to share. She shared how she went from idea to creation of her podcast. Breaking down her fears and overcoming barriers and she let us know that if you are striving to share a message with the world then you can do it too.




High Points:


  • Learning How To Brand Yourself To Stand Out


  • What Are You Selling?


  • A Tried and True Launch Strategy






(00:00:00) Sponsored by & Intro:


(00:00:55) Introducing Aniyha Jones


(00:02:04) From Business School To Staring Her Podcast


(00:05:42) Fear Before Starting Her Podcast


(00:07:16) I Have Something To Say


(00:08:36) How To Stand Out In Your Industry


(00:13:58) Evolving As A Podcaster


(00:15:45) Aniyah's Launch Podcast Strategy


(00:17:15) What Has Podcasting Taught You


(00:20:12) What Are You Selling?/ Aniyha's Goals


(00:22:30) Who Need's To Hear Your Show Most?


(00:25:00) Who Are Your Dream Guest?


(00:28:32) This or That


(00:29:23) Connect with Aniyah


(00:31:09) Aniyha's Final Word




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