April 22, 2022

The Power of Black Men Sharing Their Emotions with Nate Evans Jr. - Episode #65

The Power of Black Men Sharing Their Emotions with Nate Evans Jr. - Episode #65

Nate Evans Jr. is an author, a speaker, a mentor, and a mental health advocate who helps individuals feel worthy whenever they’re waging a war in their minds. He lives by the quote "CHANGE WHAT WE NORMALIZE™”, as he aims to help people live a better life through creating new norms that serve us as we heal from all the pain and move forward.


We tend to normalize negative things in general, and it is about time that we free ourselves from our painful past. Even when the thought of healing is still vague in our minds, with LOVE, we can all live a life we’ve only been just dreaming about.



High Points:


  • Growing and Helping People Grow through Writing
  • I Love You: Letters of Love from Black Men to Black Boys
  • Listening as the Secret towards Effective Communication



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(00:00:00) – Snippet & Intro

(00:00:55) – Free Training: Register for Jonathan’s Webinar

(00:01:53) – Introduction of Today’s Guest: Nate Evans Jr.

(00:04:48) – Why the Family Had a Poverty Mindset towards Healing

(00:07:58) – Growing and Helping People Grow through Writing

(00:12:47) – Writing the 2nd Edition and Not Letting the Story Die

(00:14:49) – The Story Behind Building Muscle: Life Is Your Trainer’s Title

(00:15:53) – I Love You: Letters of Love from Black Men to Black Boys

(00:24:53) – The Powerful Effect of Nate’s Book on His Audience

(00:27:13) – Listening as the Secret towards Effective Communication

(00:30:42) – Change What We Normalize Podcast

(00:35:04) – Three People He’d Like To Talk To Over Dinner

(00:37:37) – This or That with Nate Evans Jr.

(00:38:33) – Connect with Nate Evans Jr.

(00:39:28) – Quick Commercial Break

(00:40:06) – Nate’s Final Thought



Connect with Nate Evans Jr.: 

Website: https://www.nateevansjr.com/

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/nateevansjr

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nateevansjr

Facebook: https://facebook.com/nateevansjr.1

YouTube: https://youtube.com/nateevansjr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nateevansjr



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Nate Evans Jr Profile Photo

Nate Evans Jr

Author/Speaker/Mentor/Podcast Host

Nathan Evans Jr. is a First-Generation High School & First-Generation College graduate. He is a 3x published author and the #1 best-selling author of “I LOVE YOU; LETTERS OF LOVE FROM BLACK MEN TO BLACK BOYS”. Nate is a highly requested speaker, workshop specialist, mental health advocate, podcast host, teen mentor, award-winning personal trainer, and creative entrepreneur. He lives by the quote, "CHANGE WHAT WE NORMALIZE™”. This quote was inspired by his mission to eradicate the stigmas around mental health in underserved communities while also normalizing emotional fluency amongst Gen-Z. This passion was birthed by his own battles with mental health issues due to childhood trauma in which he overcame. With this motivation, he has developed workshops for high schools, colleges and non-profits based around emotional wellness and resilience. Nate’s charismatic speaking and inspiring testimony, allows him to relate to teens and young adults while also educating them on how to increase their mental wellness, emotional fluency, resilience and sense of self-worth. Nate is a volunteer for the Covenant House in Atlantic City, New Jersey, a "Top 4 Under 40 distinguished alumnus of Atlantic Cape Community College” and a member of the “30 under 35 Top Young African American Leaders in South Jersey.” Nate is also certified in “Adverse Childhood Experiences Early Trauma” as well as “Mental Health First-Aid.”

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