Jan. 13, 2022

Creator vs. Consumer

Creator vs. Consumer

Creator vs. Consumer - Episode #38

Understanding that with great power comes great responsibility, therefore being an authority in your industry requires that you have what you need so that you can lead others accordingly. By becoming an authority others will begin to seek out your opinion and insight.

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Hot Takes

- Learning the Blueprint to Establish Authority in Any Industry

- How to CreateContent That Solves Problems

- The Best Way To Focus on Your Goals


(00:00:00) - Snippet

(00:01:04) - Podcast News : eMarketer Shares Audio Data & Spotify CTA Cards

(00:02:32) - The Definition of Creator & Consumer

(00:04:00) - Get Paid with Podcasting FREE Training

(00:04:37) - The Danger of Having a Consumer Mindset

(00:05:30) - Start to Ask More Questions

(00:06:31) - Try Out the Strategy

(00:08:23) - Break the Cycle

(00:09:30) - Always Return to the Goal

(00:10:28) - Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

(00:11:30) - Subscribe, Follow and Review

(00:11:55) - RECAP [CLIFF NOTES]

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