May 23, 2022

Get Involved in Things Outside of Athletics with Kendee Hilliard – Episode #72

More about Kendee Hilliard @kenkendee:


Kendee Hilliard is a student-athlete at Illinois State University, currently pursuing a master's degree in Sports Management while competing for volleyball in her last two years of eligibility.


She is the president of the Redbird SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) and is the guest host of the One Question Leadership Podcast.


For her, getting involved in things outside of athletics allowed her to make more connections and friends while doing things she’s also passionate about.



High Points:


  • Supporting Athletes’ Decision on Staying vs. Transferring Out
  • Podcasts are the New Internship: Kendee’s Takeaway
  • Inspiration Behind The Athletic Director Dream
  • A Message for Student-Athletes



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(00:00:00) – Snippet & Intro

(00:00:40) – Download Audio Hero Now

(00:01:33) – Welcoming Kendee Hilliard

(00:04:22) – What Happens After: Playing an Extra Year or Not

(00:07:24) – Supporting Athletes’ Decision on Staying vs. Transferring Out

(00:10:47) – Kendee as Guest Host of One Question Leadership Podcast

(00:13:36) – Podcasts are the New Internship: Kendee’s Takeaways

(00:15:49) – Inspiration Behind The Athletic Director Dream

(00:20:27) – A Message for Student-Athletes

(00:23:38) – How It’s Like, Meeting Jemele Hill

(00:26:10) – Thoughts On Starting Her Own Podcast

(00:27:53) – This or That with Kendee Hilliard

(00:30:26) – Connect with Kendee Hilliard

(00:31:15) – Quick Commercial:

(00:32:00) – Kendee’s Final Words



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Kendee Hilliard Profile Photo

Kendee Hilliard

-Current Illinois State Student-Athlete (Volleyball Player)
-ISU ‘21, ‘23
-Redbird SAAC President
-Guest Host of @1QLeadership
-Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
-Aspiring Athletic Director

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