Dec. 21, 2021

How to Create Your @GoodPodshqs Listener Profile

How to Create Your  @GoodPodshqs Listener Profile

How to Create a GoodPods Listener Profile - Episode #30

Enjoying podcasts is one thing and having the best place to listen. In this video I'm going to show you the complete walk through of setting up your podcast listener account. Good Pods app is the way to go as far as connecting with other podcast hosts and the podcast community. I breakdown exactly step-by-step the guidance that you need in order to begin to find your favorite podcasts and even finding a few new ones as well.

[0:00] - Snippet of Podcast

[2:35] - Podcast News

[7:50] - How to Set Up Your Goodpods Listener Profile

[8:11] - Watch video of How to Create Good Pods Podcaster Profile

[9:00] - Introduce Yourself

[10:08] - Which Best Describes You

[11:45] - Pick Your Podcast Interests & Groups

[12:48] - Good Pods Listener Feed Breakdown

[13:33] - This week Your Friends Listened To

[14:22] - Featured List

[14:38] - Goodpods Top 100 Shows

[14:56] - Top 100 Shows by Category

[15:07] - Good Pods Top 100 Episodes

[15:25] - Good Pods Recommends

[16:14] - People in the Know

[17:03] - Setting Up Your Listener Profile

[18:00] - Edit Profile

[21:55] - Recap

[23:17] - Podcast Q & A with JJ

[27:16] - Podcast Commercial

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