Nov. 4, 2021

How To Get Out of Your Podcast Funk

How To Get Out of Your Podcast Funk

How To Handle A Podcast Funk - Episode #17

When you get into a funk, very rarely will anyone ever know. So for that very reason, I wanted to give you some tangible application to help you navigate the next time you're feeling in the dumps or a funk about getting podcast content out without stressing.

- 3 Steps to Overcome the Podcast Funk

- Learning How Friendships can set you up for success

4:48 - Afro's & Audio Promo

5:25 - 

7:18 - How to Self-Assess

9:33 - How to Change Your Environment

12:58 - The Buddy System

15:45 - A Podcast is a Vehicle

16:27 - Cliffnotes 

18:00 - Connect with me

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