Feb. 14, 2022

How to Master Your Mentality w/ Bryn Drescher

In this episode Bryn challenges us on getting our mental tight. Breaking down some of the misconceptions around mindset and hearing her journey into doing this work on a daily basis for athletes and high performers. Focusing on an aspect that many people often put on the back burner which is the mental game. This will be the episode to help you shift your mentality and change your life.


High Points:

Learning What The Mental Game Really Is

No Bad Audiences, Only Bad Comedians

How Bryn Will Transform Sports



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(00:00:00) Your Podcast Mentor Show

(00:00:31) INTRO

(00:01:16) Introducing Bryn Drescher

(00:03:36) Humor is a Universal Language

(00:05:36) No Bad Audiences, Only Bad Comedians

(00:07:03) Introduction To The Mental Game

(00:11:33) Why Aren't Coaches Creating Opportunities For Their Athletes?

(00:13:53) "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To"

(00:15:07) Mental Performance Vs. Therapy

(00:20:45) Relay, Relax

(00:22:00) When Mindset Started

(00:24:30) Bryn Shares Her Fear

(00:26:46) How Bryn Will Transform Sports

(00:29:35) Bryn's Podcast

(00:35:00) This Or That

(00:40:00) Connect with Bryn


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Bryn Drescher


Awesome all around person. Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator. My mission is to help athletes become mental free agents and architect the careers of their dreams. NBA, NCAA and AAU clients. Former D1 athlete myself.

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