Feb. 7, 2022

How to Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income Speaking w/ Odell A. Bizzell

Today's episode we are bringing you the one and only Odell Bizzell, who has been able to do what many haven't. He's been able to generate 1 million dollars in speaking fees sharing his message at colleges and universities. Now he's going to give you the game on how you can turn your annual income into your monthly income through speaking.


High Points:

How To Market Yourself As A Speaker

How to Get Paid Two Speak

How He Made 1 Million Dollars Public Speaking



(00:00:00) SNIPPET

(00:00:30) INTRO

(00:01:35) Introducing Odell Bizzell

(00:02:21) Podcast News

(00:02:59) Timber is closing

(00:03:44) Castos Adds Them What They Want To Hear

(00:04:00) McDonals's Signs Multi-year, Multi-million dollar advertising deal

(00:05:45) Increasing Your Business SEO

(00:07:12) Your Podcast Will Make You An Authority

(00:09:30) Mastering The Fundamentals

(00:11:52) Public Speaking Is The Greatest Marketing Medium Of All-Time

(00:14:34) Advice For Starting Speakers

(00:18:22) There's No Such Thing As The Speaking Business

(00:21:06) Podcasting Is..

(00:24:51) We're All Pests

(00:26:04) The Speaking Secret

(00:31:45) How To Increase Your Conversions

(00:34:12) Don't Be All About the Money/ Be About The Relationship

(00:38:33) Words To Wealth

(00:47:53) Rapid Fire

(00:45:57) GetPaidWithPodcasting.com

(00:46:45) Odell's Final Words


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Odell Bizzell Profile Photo

Odell Bizzell

Marketing Consultant and Coach

Odell has worked with organizations that want their leaders to develop the skills necessary to thrive in a diverse workforce.

Odell Bizzell is a nationally known blogger, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. While in high school Odell started a small candy retail distribution center that earned him over $75,000 while earning an academic scholarship to college.

As a successful keynote speaker Odell has been featured in the USA Today, Yahoo Finance, CNBC.com, and over 200 media outlets. Odell has partnered with over 200 colleges, youth organizations, and the military to reach tens of thousands of students.

His engaging and interactive presentations help students learn about the intersection of leadership and diversity and how to become more effective leaders in a diverse world. Odell has presented on the same stages as Super Bowl winning coaches, national politicians, and celebrities like Stephen A. Smith, Dave Letterman, & Oprah Winfrey.

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