Sept. 12, 2021

Introducing Your Podcast Mentor

Introducing Your Podcast Mentor

In this episode, we are going to introduce the Your Podcast Mentor show. And help you identify if this is the right show for you. Which is if you're someone whose an entrepreneur, small business owner, or content creator looking to position yourself as an authority and create a podcast that your audience desires, then this is the show for you. I'll cover current events, podcast strategy, and even tools that I am using and so much more. All to eliminate the guesswork and to help you launch your podcast with ultimate success. So you’ll no longer have to ask these questions, "What equipment do I need to start a podcast? What is the best way to launch? How can I get more downloads? What does it take to grow my podcast? Be sure to join us every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes on how you can Start, Launch, and Monetize your own podcast. Follow me on Instagram @JonathanJonesSpeaks 

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