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Informative and Helpful

Jonathan does such a great job on putting the best content out there to help those within the podcast world! Highly recommend it if you are new to podcasting especially

My Podcast Mentor

I’m proud to say that Jonathan J. Jones (my son) is my podcast mentor and coach. The value, information, and training he provides in each episode keeps me coming back. I’m enrolled in his “Get Paid With Podcasting” course. This is going to put my show on steroids!

Favorite Podcast Shows

One of my favorite podcast out right now! This is a show where you can gather actionable items from each episode and apply it to your own work.

Very Educational show!

I always appreciate when someone dedicate their time to educating people on how things work and how to navigate their way through things. This is exactly what Jonathan does. His show is the one stop shop for everything podcast. The information shared here is great for anyone trying to start a podcast, or who want to take their podcasting to the next level. Tap in with Jonathan Jones, your podcast mentor!

This is an amazing podcast.

Jonathan is a master orator full of knowledge and wisdom. This is a must listen. I’m a huge fan of this podcast. - Micah B

Jonathan Understood the Assignment!!!

If Webster's Dictionary needed a picture to describe the words 'informative' and 'resourceful,' Jonathan's podcast would be the face of them. This show is the #1 KEY token for both upcoming and veteran podcast hosts alike to take valuable notes and pointers for those in the audio programming space! As 3 individuals who thrive on QUALITYin every aspect of life, Jonathan flawlessly exemplifies this in all of the content he puts out (social media, videos, etc.). Not a week goes by that we don't miss an episode or refer back to previous ones for helpful insider knowledge for our own podcast. To name it "Your Podcast Mentor Show" truly does live up to its name; he definitely understood the assignment and thensome. Do not delay and subscribe to this show ASAP!! -Melissa, Kelli & Keshana

Amazing Podcast!

Amazing host with strong advice! This podcast is beyond helpful!!

Helped me organize my podcast!

Really great program with a lot of useful info I was able to apply right away. The way the info is given out, it’s easily applicable and understandable. Actually an interesting program. The episodes helped me get ky podcast on the right track really quickly!

Servant leader!

Jonathan began his outreach with offering help. His mentorship is appreciated and the information is palatable. Looking forward to seeing what’s going come.


Jonathan is on a mission to be that servant leader and help people realize their podcasting dreams. The world needs more people like this man in it!


Great person and amazing motivational speaker !! I met him in College, during my sophomore year, he inspired me to be a better student, man, and better a student of life. I used to, and still is, listening to his other podcast « Speak your Success ». I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us !!

Thank you!

I appreciate this podcast as it gives you more than what some people are willing to share to help one really get their feet planted when starting a podcast of their own.

Practical and Ejoyable

I love how practical this podcast is. Simple, yet powerful action steps, and it is fun to listen to!

Great info and application tips

Easy to listen to and absorb the information needed to start a podcast. And I’m less intimated in just starting the process knowing more about what to expect going in.


Johnathan is a true practitioner who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is looking to start their podcast and need guidance on how to execute!

Great Podcast!

Beyond the Ball is a great podcast that gives people value. Jonathan is a great host and his interviews are very informational!

Podcast Newbie Here

Since deciding to start my Podcast, Jonathon’s content has been a major help. The way he breaks down the information makes it understandable and attainable for newbies like myself. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening.

This is the best thing since sliced bread

This is the best podcast in the How To Space to learn more about the industry. From hands on strategy making the information relatable. Jonathan Jones Your Podcast Mentor.


Jonathan really breaks this podcasting thing down into digestible pieces that makes it super simple for anyone to follow & implement! I love the balance of transparency of his experiences merged with actionable items to accomplish in order to be successful in the podcasting world! So far so phenomenal!!!

Lock in your Niche

Jonathan.... Your Podcast is allowing us all to understand that there’s enough space for all creators in the Podcast realm. You’re hilarious and I can’t wait to expand my own talents and thoughts via these episodes.. Jonathan the Podcast Mentor sure has a great ring to it... Aka don’t make any more excuses!!! I Highly recommend!!

The Big Mac

Great great content. A breath of fresh air. People who have plenty of podcasting should really listen to this show. Feeding these streets with the knowledge of podcasting is needed

Check this out!

Very informative with simplified actionable steps


The episode was fire. Very informative and insightful, he’s the man for setting up your podcast. Good job J!

Starting a podcast? Jonathan Jones is your guy!

Whenever you starting something new, it’s best to tap into the knowledge of someone who’s ALREADY doing it. Jonathan has a way of guiding you through the process of starting your own podcast that make the process simple to understand and empowers you to take action. A MUST listen for people setting out to start their own show!

Great Advice

Very detailed I loved all his advice , this is very helpful glad I listened . Taking notes and I’m bout to apply pressure on my goals . I needed to hear this ! Thanks

Jonathan Jones is a RESOURCE

Jonathan Jones is an absolute RESOURCE in the podcast space. As a fellow podcaster, I myself can sometimes be prideful about receiving feedback and coaching about how to expand my skill set. I can securely say Mr. Jones is a trusted mentor as the show title says! Every time I’m in a room where Jonathan speaks, I have pen and paper handy, as should all !! Proud to follow! Glad to know the host! Nothing but the best!! Y’all tap in

Great value!

After just listening to the first few episodes I can already tell that Jonathan knows his stuff! I’ll definitely be putting his advice into action. I can’t wait to hear more content. His delivery is clear entertaining and he gives practical advice!

TalkwithTee Podcast

If your looking for insight on how to grow your podcast this is it❗️Great energy behind the content🤟🏾

I started my Podcast!

Wow this guy Johnathan is always dropping gems, and I’ve definitely the taken notes to start my very own podcast The Pink Link!

Great Podcaster

Y’all definitely want to keep this podcast in your playlist! If you’re a speaker or podcaster Jonathan Jones is a Great resource!!

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