Your Podcast Mentor Show with Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Understood the Assignment!!!

If Webster's Dictionary needed a picture to describe the words 'informative' and 'resourceful,' Jonathan's podcast would be the face of them. This show is the #1 KEY token for both upcoming and veteran podcast hosts alike to take valuable notes and pointers for those in the audio programming space!

As 3 individuals who thrive on QUALITYin every aspect of life, Jonathan flawlessly exemplifies this in all of the content he puts out (social media, videos, etc.). Not a week goes by that we don't miss an episode or refer back to previous ones for helpful insider knowledge for our own podcast.

To name it "Your Podcast Mentor Show" truly does live up to its name; he definitely understood the assignment and thensome. Do not delay and subscribe to this show ASAP!!

-Melissa, Kelli & Keshana

Dec. 31, 2021 by High Tea with Mel, Kel & Kay on Apple Podcasts

Your Podcast Mentor Show with Jonathan Jones