March 25, 2022

Share Your Voice with Arthur Jones II

AJII is a podcast host and an award winning journalist who knows his way around curating a great show. He walks us through where you can begin your content creation journey and how we can remove barriers from getting started. He shares how he transitioned from getting interviews to juggling his own podcast.


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High Points:


- Find Your Passion by Brain Dumping

- Where To Start With Content Creation

- How to Recharge Yourself, When You're Not Working




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(00:00:00) - Snippet & intro




(00:00:40) - Welcoming Arthur Jones II, host of Max Out Time with AJ II




(00:02:28) - High Points For Teachers Facing the COVID Crisis




(00:04:20) - A Long Line of Teaching Legacy




(00:06:10) - Changing A Student's Life Through Teaching Podcasting




(00:07:54) - How to Recharge Yourself, When You're Not Working




(00:10:00) - Find Your Passion by Brain Dumping




(00:13:50) - How to Use Your Platform To Further His Reach




(00:16:13) - The Life of A Self Described Story Crafter




(00:18:00) - The Most Encouraging Interview from AJII




(00:21:19) - Where To Start With Content Creation



(00:23:20) - This or That with AJII


(00:24:40) - Ad Sponsor


(00:25:09) - AJII Final Word




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Arthur Jones II - "AJ II" Profile Photo

Arthur Jones II - "AJ II"

Television Producer & Podcaster

Arthur Jones II is a multi-skilled journalist and television news producer from Washington, D.C. He is currently an Associate Producer for “CBS Mornings” based in Washington. In addition to his work in television, Arthur has written for and other publications such as ESPN’s The Undefeated and AFRO Newspaper. Arthur enjoys all forms of writing and producing, but he exhibits his creativity through podcasting. AJ is the host of Max Out Time With AJ II, an interview-based podcast featuring conversations which maximize the success stories of notable individuals on a variety of topics. During the pandemic, these interviews have featured more than two dozen education segments which reimagine our nation's schools at a critical time. Follow the show on Twitter @maxouttime_ajii

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