Feb. 10, 2022

The Truth About High Ticket Coaching

The Truth About High Ticket Coaching with LV Hunter - Episode #46


In This episode you can expect a mindset shift like none other. Breaking down why some are able to make money online and why others aren't getting results. LV Hunter shows us why he's as highly regarded as he is in the space of helping high-ticket coaches and consultants make a major impact within their business giving us the behind the curtain look. This will be mindset, marketing and money all in one episode.


High Points:

How To Know If You're A High Ticket Coach

The Blueprint to Making Money Online

How To Remove False Expectations


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(00:00:00) SNIPPET

(00:00:31) INTRO

(00:01:25) Introducing LV Hunter

(00:03:05) Growing Up In Flint Michigan

(00:06:23) Flint Water Crisis/ The Power of the Flint Community

(00:10:52) How Do I Know If I'm a High Ticket Coach

(00:12:46) Have You Researched your Coach, Yet?

(00:15:00) You're Not A Coach Until It What You Say Doesn't Work...

(00:18:00) Coach Scammed Me

(00:21:51) Making Money On Social Media

(00:23:43) The Blueprint to Making Money Online

(00:28:50) Removing False Expectations

(00:33:12) Where To Start With Your Marketing Mindset

(00:35:08) Commercial : PaidAdPlaybook.com

(00:36:24) Review What You've Read Before

(00:39:51) Why Did LV Start His Podcast?

(00:41:25) This Or That

(00:44:29) LV's Final Thought


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