Nov. 11, 2021

Why You Should Stop Doing Interviews

Why You Should Stop Doing Interviews

Why You Should Stop Doing Podcast Interviews (Until…) - Episode #19


Getting a message out to as many people as possible may make you think that you should do every interview possible. Although in order to really maximize the opportunity you want to consider a few things. 


- Why podcast interviews are so valuable

- 3 things you want to have in place by your next interview

- Ideas on what you can begin to put in place to prepare you 



0:00 - Intro & Podcast News

2:18 - What’s Your Strategy?

5:18 - What product or service are you selling?

8:03 - Do you know what you want to talk about?

10:48 - Connect with Jonathan

11:45 - Cliffnotes [RECAP]






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